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Living in a Fantasy

Who is a demon?
I am a demon
You and I are my demon
I love you so much

With life comes death
With love comes tears
I dream of holding you
A life untrue a world I lose
While demon dies anew

My Hapless Soul

You see... all my soul does is cry
It feels without you it would die
As I look at you I wonder why?
I can't get you out of my mind!

I'm always looking deep in your eyes
Oh how I wish you were mine
But no matter how close I get
This world won't let me forget
That we will truly never be together
So I guess...
my soul will keep on crying on and on... forever

The Way I Feel

I'm a demon living in darkness
Be very frightened of me
I might meet a boy and love him very dearly
A monster grows inside me filled with tender loving care
But never mind that! Beware BEWARE!
My evil you'll never comprehend
But I wish though...that you would understand.

- cldb, 18

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