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Re: Howdy

Submitted by Cody on 2011-04-13 22:36:06, Wednesday
In reply to submitted by on

It's great to see someone willing to start using the Discussion Board again. It used to be fun, very informal and immediate. I know we get visitors, because of the mail. Most all of it is "glad I found this site" comments. The rest is hate mail from outsiders.

I got fired the other day! I hated that job anyway. It was just for pocket money mostly (I have classes at least half-time) and I'd rather have the extra time, have a life again. Have friends again. Talk to boys again.

So I've gotten caught up with submissions to the site, convinced my mentor to contribute his wisdom to the site (an honorable local boylover for well over a half century), and have ways of upgrading the appearance of the pages so that we don't scare away too many young guys. Time to energize and jazz up what we have here and what we do. I'm amped about AgeTaboo again, and I've got the free time.

I'll say more in the "updates" and my "what's new" blog, but let me remind everyone that while our purpose here is to be a library of legitimate source material regarding pedophilia among teens and teens+, we find it encouraging to see the ways that we can help our visitors to deal with their attractions and their lives on a daily basis. AgeTaboo is meant to be a low-volume site, but with this Discussion Board and your contributions, it can be much more without overworking the staff :-)

I'd like to hear ideas and opinions from anyone.

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    • Re: Howdy - Cody 2011-04-15 04:08:57, Friday (0)

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