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In order to provide posters with a supportive and helpful environment, posts need to adhere to the following guidelines. Age Taboo staff will be required to remove posts which violate them, without warning or explanation. Serious or repeated violations will result in loss of posting capability.

  • Posts should not undermine the purposes of the forum: support, information, and respectful discussion of issues. Respectful debates are encouraged, but spamming, flaming, and insults are prohibited.

  • Posts must not compromise the privacy or security of any posters by providing information that could identify them or their location.

  • Posts should not contain or link to graphic descriptions of violence or sexual activity.

  • Posts must not seek, offer, or link to illegal material. Posters must not advocate illegal activity, accuse others of illegal activity, or admit to illegal activity which has not been processed in court.
To register, enter your nick and password below, and press the submit button. So that you do not request an already used nickname, check the list of nicks below. Also, nicknames are not case sensitive, so capitalizing your nick differently from someone else's will not make it distinguishable from theirs. It may take 24 - 48 hours to process your registration. If you have any difficulties or questions, or if you ever wish to remove your registration, contact us.

List of registered nicks:
All registered participants from before will need to re-register for the new 2010 discussion board. This is to keep it secure and friendly.

Matthew S, Cody, Xaeyious, Renie, micha, csynnyo, shakey, soccerboy, jimcam, whales, skylar, IKEIKE, rossyboi, Nyarma, flyguy, John, sammi, stevoat, Celibound, bluedragon, Jake, Gramps, Scott, carpenterboy, Tom

For your privacy, we recommend that you not use your real first name.


Please remember that it may take 24 - 48 hours for your registration to be processed.

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