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Submitted 7 September 2007

I guess my question/concern is this, are you advocating pedophilia? I'm not some crazy person who wishes to do harm to people who express thier feelings, but I do understand that there is an actual need to limit the resources that pedophiles are able to make use of. If you create a haven for individuals who engage in these types of actions, what I'm afraid of is that they will not only find small children online, but they will also find each other online and cross ideas on how not to get caught in illicit activities in their home neighborhoods.

Think about things for a second if you would. Saying the word "fire" among friends isn't a crime. There ae many places where the word "fire" is acceptable. But there are also cases when yelling the word, is considered illegal. Perhaps by creating a place where pedophiles (lets not sugar coat the word) can all hang out together without fear of repercussions. They will create a bigger problem. Much like how a bunch of teenagers who separatly caused a few problems, banded together to create street gangs and killed people in the street.


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Submitted 8 August 09

We are advocating acceptance of pedophilia (a naturally-occuring and somewhat common type of sexual attraction) by society, and by those so affected, as a feeling that can be dealt with and integrated into a productive, useful, safe lifestyle. It is clearly understood that in most societies, sexual contact with youth under some artificial legal age is entirely inappropriate and, thanks to the efforts of the society, can even be harmful to the youth involved.

We also advocate rejection of any and all illegal sexual activity. Our goal is to help young, inexperienced pedophiles (often teens themselves) accept these feelings within themselves and deal with them in a beneficial manner. We hope that there is nothing on this site that would further the commission of sex crimes.

Having said that, I must correct you on your opinion of the word pedophilia. It is an attraction, a feeling, that causes great discomfort to a certain percentage of the human species who experience it. Society and culture teach us not to act on the attraction, any more than we would act on dozens of other attractions and desires that we consider normal and common. The harm done, the dangers involved, the shame and guilt that society has established to keep down such behavior - is plenty of a deterrent for most people. Older individuals, experienced in life, should be able to control their own actions. But we do not prepare our teens for this kind of pressure and confusion. It is toward this end that AgeTaboo exists and seeks to provide resource material (in the form of scienctific papers, as well as opinions approved by professionals). We do not wish to provide an exchange of techniques for committing crimes. All contributions to the site are carefully screened and will deal specifically with the matter at hand... living successfully and happily with pedophilia.

This is even if we accept your premise that the availability of information is a bad thing.

Cody (20)

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