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Submitted 17 Feb 2007

What should I do with these strange feelings?

I've felt an attraction towards boys even very little boys as young as 8. And I don't want to do something wrong against them, but I just want to feel how it feels to be around a young boy, thats a feeling I can't enjoy as I get older, and I can't stand these desires. I need to have someone give me a tip as fast as possible, thanks a lot.

Maty (19)

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Submitted 6 Jun 2007

Personally, I see nothing wrong with your desires. I like boys from about 4 to 10 best. If the opportunity presented itself, I would have no problem letting a little boy touch me if it was consentual. Lots of boys that age are curious as I have seen plenty of boys check me out in public restrooms. Never have figured out why it is illegal.

Jason (28)

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