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Submitted 15 Jul 2006

I've known for a few years that I'm a boylover. In my younger days I have lived in children's homes, those are the places I've grown up. I know a lot of the work what children's workers and caretakers do.

This sounds to me like a nice job, it's something that I wanted for a long time, work in a children's home. But now that I've known for a few years that I'm a boylover and really feel attracted to younger boys, I'm scared to follow the training and go into that job. I'm scared for the future, that anybody would discover it and that they will cause me trouble with it, no matter if I did or didn't touch a child. Let me be clear, I don't want to work there to abuse children. Can somebody advise me?

Boaboy (21)

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As long as you are aware of and are able to control your desires, I think that this sort of job would be benefifcial to you and to the children. Who can help boys like we can? Who can understand them? Still, control is key. If you are 100% positive that you can keep your fantasies at bay and know you will not pose a threat (In the eyes of anyone involved) to those kids, then I'd say, hell, go for it.

username removed (mid-teens)


Submitted 29 Jul 2006

I agree

Nick (21)


Submitted 10 Feb 2007

Dear Boaboy,

I worked all my life with boys in childrens' homes and in teaching. If you work with kids you can enjoy being with them and helping them. It will give your boylove feelings an outing better then staying out of their way. I experience my desire for computer BL things more when I'm not working around the kids. Working with them gives a lot of satisfaction and being kept apart from kids drives up your desires! If you have a special YF who likes you and you fall in love you still can invest a lot of attention and get back a lot of love. The sex thing has to be done on your own (without him).

I did experience some affairs far out of my work area, but it surely helps working with kids to understand any YF you'll run into outside your working stiuation. If hetero people don't work with women around them because they are afraid they will rape them, what will happen to the world? If you wanna know know more of my work delights and affairs in more easy going times times, ask on the discussion forum.

Coif (45)

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