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Submitted 12 Dec 2005

hi i dont have an idea to post my name. And there's no reason to submit a wrong one. so i just call myself me. im 19 years old. So far i have been doing my studies fine. and i'll be doing higher studies next year.

But i don't know if i would be able continue just as fine. i'm very confused and troubled at the moment. from when i was 14 i liked youger boys (10-13). And i also liked girls of my age. i didn't think that it wasn't normal, cause i also had sexual feelings towards girls as well, and cause i knew that my most of my friends also had some feelings towards little boys. Of course their primary sex attraction wasn't little guys and i don't think most of them would have sex with a little one just because they have feelings.

But recently after i found all this boylove stuff i'm confused. i don't know if i'm a boylover or a guy with normal sexual attractions. i spend my day surfing da net. i try to look at pretty girls and say to myself 'oh so sexy'. But i don't know if i'm cheating myself. im just confused. Well i don't know what's the reason for my feelings. i wasn't abused when i was young. that's just absurd. and i don't think it can be cured.

it didn't all began with sex. first when i was like 14 there was a beatiful boy around 11 yo. i hoped that i could have him as my little brother. i dreamed about taking care of him, giving him advice all the stuff u know. i don't know how or when it happened but with time i had some sexual attractions to little boys including that one. but it didn't bother me, until now. i don't know if this boylove stuff did any good to me, as it has done to others.

i don't know if i want to marry anymore. maybe i would continue my life like this looking at cute little guys. but one thing's sure i can't hurt a little guy, and that makes me happy. i know i'm not bad. i guess that's it. i haven't told all this to anybody until now.

*****, 19

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Submitted 9 June 2006

Hey, nobody can tell you for sure if you are a boylover, that's sort of something you have to come to an understanding with yourself about. I can tell you that what you describe is completely typical of a boylover. If you can accept that, you can live a happy productive life being friends with boys. If you change your mind, and feel that you like boys more in a fatherly sense, then that's also perfectly fine.

Shiro (23)


Why even put a lable on it? If you are attracted to boys and want to seek out relationships with them, then so be it. It's not necissary to make everything so black and white. Go about your life. Have fun. You don't have to always be looking for a name. ?

username removed (mid-teens)


Submitted 27 Apr 2007

Only you can decide that. Just let your heart be your guide. Good luck.

Snakeyes (35)

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