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I am from the UK and am wondering at what age a child stops being a minor. Is it 16yrs which is the legal age of consent or is it 18yrs when they can vote? I ask as I have a friend who is 16yr and he want to come and stay. As I have a record for underage sex and dont want to end up on the register I want to be safe rather than sorry. I am allowed NO unsupervised contact with a minor which is why I am asking. All contact has been with other people present.

Dave (41)

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Submitted 20 May 04

Hi Dave,

As far as I am aware, UK law treats everyone under age 18 as a minor, so yes, that would include a 16-year-old. But usually restrictions placed on schedule one (UK legal jargon for "crimes against children") offenders apply to working with children, not private contact. General restraining orders and sex offender orders can be more specific, and may only bar you from contact with people under the age of consent, but you seem pretty adamant you aren't allowed contact with anybody at all who is legally a minor.

Itís impossible to give you much more advice than this without knowing the specifics of your particular case. You'll have to check with probation, or social services, or whoever it is that's responsible for placing this restriction on you if you want more certainty. I hope this gives you something to go on though.

Edward (19)


Submitted 22 May 04

According to AgeOfConsent.com, the legal age for male-female, male-male, and female-female sexual intercourse is 16 years.

Boyancy (15)


Submitted 16 Jul 06

Just to add confusion to this one, the age of consent (that is for hetrosexuals) went from 21 to 18 to 16.

Gay sex was illegal. After that the age was 21 then it was 18 and only a few years ago the "gay rights campaigners" successfully brought the age down to 16 where it is today.

But to really confuse matters... there is no law regarding lesbian sex! (Queen Victoria wouldnt accept that ladies would do such a thing!

So there you have it... a potted history... meaning that the age of consent is now 16 even though you cannot vote or legally drink untill you are 18. (strange old country)

Hope this helps

Kid (19)

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