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Help!! My love for boys is getting so out of hand that my sexual feelings are becoming more frequent. I have begun keeping myself away from boys now for two years since I think i am having problems controlling myself.

Michael (19)

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Submitted 11 Feb 04

Don't hide yourself from them. Lack of interaction with boys of your AOA will only make things worse. Go to the public pool or something, don't touch them but watch, and appreciate them.

Andrew (26)


Submitted 12 Apr 04

Well, my personal experience is this: During the times in my life where I was not around boys on a regular basis, my impulses were sudden and sometimes even frightening. During times in my life that I have spent time with boys, at the park, in the neighborhood, coaching and other things, I have found that my attraction for them doesn't fade, but my respect for them grows and I don't have to worry about "fighting" myself to stop from doing things that are unwanted... When I spend time with them and get to know them and appreciate them, I find that I never even have to remind myself where the line is - it's just there.

Maybe my experience is unique, but somehow I think it's not.

FireFox (20s)


Submitted 3 Jan 05

You know I have to agree with both of these guys here micheal. Being that I am attracted to both boys and girls. I went through a phase in my life where I kept myself in isolation from children (of both sexes). It got so bad that I wouldnt even watch tv shows with children in them. That might sound silly to some. But it's true. It only got worse. I thought I had it under control. Then one night I got on my computer and started to pull up every piece of pornography I could find. Then after about 2 months of this. I realized how foolish I was. I then started to slowly put myself around children. It started by going to the mall. I would bring someone with me because I didnt trust myself for a while. And then eventually it led to me teaching. Different things. Like music for instance. I am a musician. It just so happens that children seem to naturally love music. So I really couldnt hide from that. I realized that I had something great to offer to these kids. So I put myself out there. Anyway. going back to what they said about isolating yourself. Just spend some time with some boys. Play games with them. And no offense. But is sounds to me like you might be better to have your time supervised for a little bit. Al least till you feel comfortable around them. Believe once you realize how great they are. You will understand.

Donald (19)

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