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Submitted 9 May 2006

I am a boylover and have been attracted to young boys ever since I was a boy myself, there is just something about young boys that attracts me to them, even being 46 now I still have feelings for boys that are under 10, am I alone in these feelings cause at times I feel its more of a curse than something positive?

Jason (46)

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Submitted 9 June 2006

I guess it's what you make it. How you act on it. Having a sexual attraction to kids is not all that uncommon throughout the human experience, truth be told. And there is nothing terrible about an attraction. For me, it's what is, and thinking of it as something negative just isn't my style. Something about making lemonade when you are given lemons.

You are absolutely not alone. At no time in the past has it been so easy to find out the truth, what with the internet and all. Look around and discover the many resources, discussion groups, and fun sites all about boys and boylovers. Start with places like BoyLinks, one of several boylove directories online.

Learn to cherish this gift. Find ways to allow it to enhance your life. 95% of loving boys is completely legal, even in this society. Learn to accept the limits of the society we live in and don't let it be a personal battle for you.

Cody (17)

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