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I've been wanting to talk with somebody in real life, face to face, about my feelings for some time now. I know how my friends and family feel about such things and so they aren't high on my list of people to talk with. So I though about getting a therapist or something like one that doesn't know me, and is confidential. My only problem is that my understanding of the law says that any therapist, psychologist, etc. is obligated by law to report such things. Is my understanding correct, or are there options that don't lead to legal involvement?

Josh (19)

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Submitted 9 Oct 04

I'm glad you made the effort to at least make a start on this site. Regarding counselors, one has to be very careful. If you live in the USA, yes, most states will require that if you indicate to a counselor something that sounds like you broke the law, yes, they are obliged to call Child Protective Services. Failure to do so, they risk losing their license. In most states in the USA, to go to a conunselor with a problem is nothing less than 'verbal suicide'. From your inquiry, I would guess that you may have important issues to talk out. Actually going to a lawyer is a better suggestion if you fear that you may have broken the law. They can set you right on this point. Then you can decide who you should talk with. Time is on your side, so choose carefully in whom you should confide. For now, I wish you every success in finding a good person you can talk things out with and respect confidentiality.

Ormond (49)


Submitted 13 Oct 04

As long as you don't admit to engaging in any illegal activity, you can talk to a therapist about anything you want without fear of being reported. Make sure you find therapist that doesn't treat this as an illness; find someone who is concerned with just listening and helping you deal with living as an oppressed member of society.

Howie (22)


Submitted 3 Jan 05

Hi. I can really help you out with this. I have been to several therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and have taken loads of different medications. Let me tell you this. I once was a little too honest. Its been almost 3 years and lets just say, certain people are still not very happy with me. Actual castration by means of a flag pole was suggested. But thats neither here nor there. Like Howie and Ormond said. Its basically all in how you address these things. But I really wanted to answer your inquiry about having no one to talk to. Because I myself dont. And I really need someone to talk with. It helps. I have one friend from my church who talks with me. But its so awkward because we arent on the same "level" (if you know what I mean). If you are looking for someone to talk to. Maybe we could talk via email or something. It does have help to have someone to talk to. About ANYTHING
Well take it easy and I wish you luck.

Donald (19)


Submitted 17 Jan 05


Bill (30)


Submitted 2 Jun 05

i have known about being a boylover since i was 14 i think. I never thought about seeing a therapist or anything. I always thought it was normal and even fun to just be what i am. Email me if you wanna talk.

rony (18)


Submitted 16 Jul 05

Finding someone to talk to face to face can be very helpful, especially if they understand the situation you are in and/or have experienced it themselves. I have been fortunate enough to have met a great online commumity that helped me though things, and have travelled the world meeting them in person.

While with the particular group of fellow gay teens / boylovers, I was in a supporting role for the channel/s I was in. Providing an ear, and suggestions when there was a need. If you need someone to contact, email me, and maybe we can arrange an online chat if you're in need of one.

Best of luck.
Daniel (28)


Submitted 28 Mar 06

As a licensed therapist.. these answers are accurate... however if worded correctly as one hinted..do not admit to sexual contact w/ a minor..but rather talk about the "feelings" and so forth...this is permitted. You may contact me at the email listed...no judgement. Just a listening ear n compassion. Good Luck

Adam (45)

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