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Submitted 9 Jun 07

I am having some trouble with my sexual orientation. I am gay. I know that. I am also a boylover. I know that as well. However, the question that I have is as follows. Is it so wrong to have sexual fantasys about doing "things" with these boys? Please contact me via email.

Kevin (17)

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Submitted 8 Jul 2007

Well I don't think so. I do. I have not acted on them because I do not want to hurt or scare anyone. I put up my email if you want to get in touch.

Bob (15)


Submitted 16 Jul 2007

I have the same problem (well not a problem). I was always attracted to young boys 10 to 16, and it has not changed... yet. I don't think there is a problem with our kink, but westerners do. We need to find a culture that condones relationships with boys, so long it does not hurt them.

Anthony (18)

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