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Submitted 25 Nov 2004

Hi, I don't know if this is the appropriate question to ask, but, for those of you out there who have young friends or are in relationships, how did that come about? I'm interested in starting one, at least a friendship.

- Skyler, 20

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Submitted 8 Dec 04

Generally you have to be out there where the boys are. It's best to shy away from organized youth groups nowadays if you are looking for some one-on-one time, but you do walk a lot, don't you? Walk your dog, go see little league games on saturday afternoon (the kind that attract the public), just be out doing something that boys would find interesting. Oh, and the biggest boy magnet of all.. other boys around you.

You should also get involved in less organized charity work. Read to little ones at the library, teach computer literacy somewhere, be around where nice people are doing nice things.

Personally, I am around a lot of single-mother families. These women are not stupid, but neither are they paranoid. They desperately want good influences for their sons, and will give you an honest chance. And the key to most all boys... stay in touch, even involved, with their families. Mom, brothers, even sisters in my case, you don't get adopted by a family without some real effort toward the entire family. But it's worth it.

Cody (16)

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