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Submitted 05 Oct 06

Ok, let me explain my question. We had in class a discussion about sex laws. I asked a question to my teacher which he was not able to answer. Are incest relationships among brothers under consent age illegal or punished by law?


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Submitted 18 Oct 2006

You would have to check the Criminal Code in your state, but in many states, the letter of the law prohibits consensual sex between even adults who would be prohibited by law to marry! Prohibited by family ties, prohibited by gender, prohibited by age, who knows?

I believe that sex play between young brothers is as natural as can be. Normal and perhaps (were it not for the paranoia today) even beneficial. I suppose the biggest threat is that no boy should attempt to talk another boy more than a year or two different in age into sexual activity. That seens to be where they want to prosecute.

An interesting point, since there is no reason to restrict non-reproductive sexual contact between close family members. It's the matter of age, and society's stubbornness to get it's way, that will get you.

Cody (17)

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