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Submitted 17 Sep 06

I'm 33 and I have been a boylover for as long as I can remember. I'm attracted to pre-teen boys I've always known that having these feelings for boys is morally wrong and illegal. I just can't help the way I feel. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that feels like this and being totally alone.

When I was around 21/22 I had a close relationship with a boy that was around 12, after knowing him for a year he and his family moved. For a long time I missed him, sometimes I still do. There are times when I do struggle with liking young boys and feel isolated.

Pete (33)

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Submitted 24 Sep 2006

Having these feelings for boys is morally wrong and illegal? I don't think so.

Being attracted to pre-teen boys is an attraction. It is part of us, much like being gay is just part of who we are. I don't see it as either morally wrong, or illegal. And down through history, it's certainly not all that uncommon. If media advertising doesn't push youth on us, our human instinct does.

Are you maybe confusing your fantasies with your actions? You can't control your thoughts and desires? You are forced to commit immoral crimes because you have these thoughts in your head? If that is the case, then you have a problem, but it has little to do with pedophilia.

You CAN control your actions and fit into society (on this and hundreds of other levels)? Good, join the millions of other boylovers around the world who don't feel bad about who they are or how they feel. You are certainly not alone.

Never before have boylovers been able to know about and interact with each other. Not in real life, true, that is still too dangerous thanks to the vigilantee confusion between pedophiles and child molesters. But on the internet, there should be little reason for feeling isolated.

Everyone has fond memories of boys past. They are to be cherished and savored. Just enjoy who you are and know that you are not alone.

Cody (17)


Submitted 18 Feb 2007

Regarding your question, I think it's not wrong to feel that, if you just feel it and you never hurt or get someone damaged, why would it be wrong? at all! ...I think its a nice feeling, and it sets someone dreaming many times. But the matter is that you dont have to feel it's wrong at all, simply be sure of yourself and that's all, if you don't want to hurt some child and you just want to spend time with him, that's ok. There's nothing wrong in it. Doing what is illegal is wrong, but not just being friends and helping a boy. Am I clear? I understand you, I'm in the same situation and I ask this question to myself, and I realized nothing could be wrong if I'm not hurting anyone.

The last thing I want you to know is that you're not alone in this, I though it too, but I noticed that there are too many people in the same situation, if you want contact me, I'd like you do it. Ask in the discussion forum.See you.

Maty (19)

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