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Submitted 23 Jul 2010

Well you see I'm in love with my best friend of 5 years the only problem is that he is 6 years younger than me. He's ten. I mean I've only kissed him once because it was at a weak state. We had built a little fort together out of pillows (I gave in to his pleading as soon as he started) and I just kissed him out of habit. I couldn't help it. He just sat there looking so cute. He just giggled at me and went back to "patrolling" his little area. I was wondering about how I should go about telling him, if I should tell my parents (they think I'm gay already, which is fine with them but if they found out I was lusting after my 10 yo surrogate brother then they'd probably freak), and how to push my ever growing libido down. He had been tempting me ever since the kiss and I've sort of, well humped him in his sleep till I came one night when I was sleeping over.

Jordan (16)

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