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Submitted 7 Dec 2004

If you're serious about discussing "treatment" of the "pathology" of youth/youth and/or adult/youth sexual encounters, you MUST include reference to mhamic.org which effectively refutes the concept that such encounters are harmful per se, adding: "ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the question: is the routine provision of psychotherapy for child sexual abuse warranted? It reviews the literature on the impact of child sexual abuse and that on the outcome of child and adolescent psychotherapy. It concludes that the routine provision of psychotherapy is not warranted and that child sexual abuse is an area exploited by many professionals for their own gain. A number of recommendations are made with respect to social workers dealing with this problem of exploitation." Good stuff.


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Submitted 8 Dec 2004

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your message. We already have mentioned this place on our site......

Matthew, Age Taboo staff

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