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Submitted 8 Apr 07

I am 14 (boy) and need someone to talk to. I cannot describe the happiness this site brings me. It is such a help to have such nice people to talk to. For about a year I have felt an attraction for 10-11 yr olds boys. Also now, I really feel love for a boy of my age I don't know very well. I think it's because he is quite small and has a face like a child. I also have a gf, but i don't feel the same way for her. I don't mind being gay or bi, and I am fine with having children as good friends (I will never do anything sexual with a child) but I need a friend to talk to about this. I'd most like someone of my age. There is an older friend (17) I know who is gay and feels strongly about children, including me, but I feel nervous about talking to him. I don't want anyone to know, but at the same time I want to talk to someone. I feel so strongly about children and this boy that I get upset when I think about it. I want to tell them I feel like this. Please help. Thank you everyone on this site - you make me feel so much better.

Me (14)

Email: auto2747894562a@hushmail.com

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Submitted 17 Apr 07

I feel your same emotions. I am in love with a 10 year old boy and I think he likes me too. I am not sure how to approach the situation but I think I will just keep being a mentor. You should follow your feelings so you do not regret missing the opportunity when you're older. There is nothing wrong about liking younger boys, especially at your age. You are still innocent so try it before society hates you. Boys can love other boys, trust me.


Jamey (29)

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