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Submitted 17 Aug 06

I have been attracted to young boys since I was 10 or 11 years old. Although I have grown, the age of boys I am attracted to has not. I'm 23 now and still am intensley attracted to 5-10 year old boys. I have never broken any laws, and have kept my feelings to myself. I'm not sure what to do at this point; I've never had a girlfriend, people are starting to wonder.

Repdetect (23)

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Submitted 01 Sep 2006

I also find that the age of my interests have not increased since my first sexual experience (both of us were 9). And I realize that, for me, it's not going to change. I have to accept it, learn about all this stuff, and above all feel comfortable with myself and my feelings.

The key to fitting into this society, regardless of what I think of it or what area is under discussion, is self-control. It starts with self-image. Of being comfortable with yourself, proud of who you are and how you are living your life. For me, self-conrol starts with defining exactly what my rules will be. I do interact with kids. I quite obviously enjoy it. I don't do things that would make parents uncomfortable. I don't do things that would arouse suspicion. I don't touch anyone below the belt, ever. You know something? I still get to do 90% of the things I want to do. And a number of families feel comfortable with me.

As far as your friends wanting to see girlfriends, or your mother wanting to see grandchildren, I can't help you there. Except to maybe choose your "friends" better :-)

Cody (17)

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