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Submitted 19 Aug 07

Okay, so we talk quite a bit about how much we older guys love the younger ones... but are there younger guys that like older ones out there? I mean, come on, all of us older guys talk about how much we love younger guys, but are there cases of the opposite, younger teenage boys going after older teenagers and young adults? What are the chances and frequency of this happening?

Mike (20)

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Submitted 25 May 2008

Hi Mike,

I am new to this site actually... but I wanted to say yeah I like older guys. I also imagine there are others my age who do as well. But sometimes it's hard to express that to others without getting odd looks so to speak. I am really glad I happened upon this site. Anyway just thought I would say my thoughts and hello to everyone out there.

Matty (14)


Submitted 26 Jun 2008

Yes it happens and your looking at one.

Niko (16)


Submitted 21 Jan 2009

I've been attracted to WAY older men, like teachers and stuff, ever since my dad died. Sexually and emotionally, I really want to have a father figure to support me, a 'Mentor', rather. But yes, it happens, probably more than just me, too. (I hope)

Paul (16)


Submitted 18 Jul 2009

Well as a 17 yr old, I know I look in both directions. Both towards the 20-25 range, and down from the 16-17 range. I think a big part of it is that just that younger boys really don't fully grasp "relationships" and "the real world" so we can see them as "pure" and full of joy and excitement.

Hope this helps.

Andrew (17)


Submitted 15 Nov 2009

When I was 13 my most intense attractions were toward adult men. I wasn't aware of my attraction to younger boys until I was much older, even though I recall a boy who couldn't have been more than six came into my bedroom when I was 16 wearing a bathing suit that was a little snug. Then there was the time when I was 30 and living in my mother's house. I awoke to find all the covers over my head and my legs spread in a very uncomfortable position. By the time I got all the covers off my head I realized a part of me was throbbing more than usual, and there were two boys in the bed with me (fully clothed, but I suspect they were playing with a part of me.) Attraction or curiosity? Your guess is as good as mine.

Xaeyious (50)


Submitted 6 Jan 2010

I can't speak for anyone but me but sometimes I feel attracted to older dudes they usually freak if I act on it like OMG is this guy for real? It seems dumb to me if people think it's only one way - old to young. I'm sure in this world it happens a lot more than people think it does.

Joseph (15)

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