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Submitted 1 Jun 07

I am a straight male, age 18, and have had many girl friends in the past. While very attracted to my current girlfriend, and being able to be in a long-term relationship with her I have always been attracted to prepubescent boys. I have never been attracted to post-pubescent males in my life, and the thought of such attraction is rather a turn off for me. I don't know what it is, because I know I'm not gay, or bisexual in the traditional sense. I just get turned on by preteen boys (only boys too). How does that work? I have never understood how I can be equally attracted to females in every sense of 'straight' there is, but still peek at underage boys in the locker room at the pool. Often I set myself up for an opportunity to take a look. I even masturbate to the thought of a sexual experience (not aggressive) with underage boys, but still get off equally as well to such thoughts of females the same age as me . Having a very accepting group of friends, and family, 'coming out' is not an issue if I was just the normal sense of 'gay'. I do think this is a faze, and I hope it is, but it has been going on for about 2-3 years off and on, more-so now than ever. Another thing is that it started with me being attracted to circumcision. I myself am not circumcised, but I started to peek at little boys if they were circumcised. I still prefer it, but now it doesn't really matter. Do you have any articles I can read, or resources, or anything for me? That would be a great help. Thanks a million.

SoSexy (18)

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Submitted 13 Jun 2008

I feel the same way as you do. I grew up knowing I was different, just never really understood why I was different. About 14 or 15 I noticed little boys looked cute and I was always looking at them. Even before that I would watch movies like D.A.R.Y.L., Cloak & Dagger. At the time I dont think I had any idea why I liked those movies so much. Most the time I didnt want to hang out with boys my age, I liked hanging with the younger ones. Even now, I prefer spending time with kids or other friends who have the same attraction as I do. I have had many girlfriends, although I didn't like the idea of having to keep things from them so I would fall apart and find a way out of the relationship. Now I kinda give up on all I had planned like getting married, family, and the perfect life. I still believe I can have a good life, just different then I had imagined. I doubt I will ever grow up and act like an adult because I don't at all feel it! My friends are awesome! Some are gay, and some are like me although we all hang out together to make life better for us and the kids we love to hang out with. Oh, for those out there who read this stuff thinking we are all out just to molest little boys, you're wrong! I dont know anyone who has done anything sexual with a boy! Sure, the attraction is there although I believe we are the ones who should be looked on as great human beings cuz we have the attraction yet we still control it... How many str8 people can say that?

Anyway, I know what your saying dude.. your not alone, your story was just like mine dude!

kidshady (31)


Submitted 19 Oct 2008

Exactly the same for me. I don't act gay, and I can't stand guys that do, but I'm exactly like you.

Tom (17)


Submitted 14 May 2009

I too have to same urges as you. I had a long-term girlfriend but that's why I broke it up - at first I though I was gay but then I realized I like girls but like preteen boys better. I have no clue what to do, I have no one to talk to, all i know is that i really, really dont want to be like this and need help because I hate and fear the low life scum I could be. Could you reply back to me?

Lloyd (19)
email on request


Submitted 6 Sep 2010

I study the brain and it has to do with your brain not knowing what your sexual orientation is you might be straight or you might even be bi-sexual. Most people at your age think that they're straight even though they don't (well their brain doesn't) know. Just explore it and see what makes you comfortable.

John (42)


Submitted 25 Nov 2010

Thank God I'm not alone on this.

Sam (15)


Submitted 25 Nov 2010

I know how this feels. I feel this strong attraction towards preteens or prepubescent boys. I am straight though. I have caught myself staring at the little boys in the public bathrooms. Often turned on by seeing their young body. I do it with every chance I get. I like little kids with uncircumsized more, makes better time for watching them. I'm not out to molest or rape some little kid, I just have a strange attraction. Love to know there are more people like this than me. :)

"I am" (16)


Submitted 1 Jan 2011

You are the first other people I know who have this problem other than me and I am happy that other people have this. There should a anonymous group for us.

Tyler (16)


Submitted 23 Feb 2011

As the earliest of you has commented, I too have had the same feelings towards boys since I was 14. It's lost friendships and a failed relationship; many of yours are minimal age disparities compared to my age (no I'm not a dirty old man, and a job lost working with children. Never acted on and never will. Although totally innocent appearances and purely good intentions will get ya!

I'm not certain if this is genetic or circumstantially induced condition. Maybe a support group of the apparently many others afflicted with this, would be a port in a storm. I'm here to answer questions honestly.

CM (59)


Submitted 4 Apr 2011

There is a lot that culture does not tell you, because most people don't know. Throughout history, in pre-Judeo-Christian societies, this has been seen as normal and desirable. Check out Greek pederasty for example. Because of the homophobia that Judeo-Christian culture has created, and because ever since the Enlightenment, researchers have continued to create more and more narrow sexual identities (even bi has its parameters as seen in the above posts), people don't realize that we are naturally attracted to many things for different reasons.

The neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine play a large role in what we are attracted to and for what reasons. Serotonin calms us. For me, that's what having a gf is like. Norepinephrine excites and stimulates us. For me, this is what guys do, especially boys.

Check out the book Biological Exuberance, too, which shows how ambiguously nature treats sexuality.

I haven't had a gf since 6th grade because I've been so afraid of knowing that she wouldn't be "everything" to me. She's not supposed to be! People play various roles in our lives, and homophobia and marriage and the derogatory term "cheating" hurt that natural desire. I'm finally going to take a chance with a girl and hope that she understands, or at least respects, my feelings. I've had several boyfriends, and those were terrible relationships, because I realize now that's not the role I need from them. I do desire a union with a girl, but also closeness with peer guys or boys. Dudes, this is all so natural.

So all in all, work toward living in ambiguity and discovering that nature is a lot more powerful than these contemporary parameters we are told to mold ourselves into.

Matt (21)

Submitted 17 Apr 2011

I have always been attracted to preteen boys. I however do not consider it a problem. Boys are beautiful.

Arturo (38) _______________________

Submitted 12 May 2011

As you can see by my age I'm far from a young person. I also agree with most of what's written here. The curiosity will continue. That's just the way we are. You and me. There are moments I interpret things through the eyes of a 14 year old. I believe the history given above is helpful along with the notion that the Judeo-Christian "doctrines" have made us into vulgar hypocrites. So, you are not alone. Don't feel you are odd, but remember to refrain from acting on impulses. There are a lot of us in this "closet" and we need to insure our personal protection. Think warm thoughts.

Drakar (60)

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