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Matthew       26 Feb 2011
I'm having a lot of trouble discussing my attractions with my parents. My mom in particular feels really stressed about it. She can't seem to disassociate attraction to children from child abuse. They're terrified of other people finding out and talk about how people would stop being friends with THEM ... I'm going to keep quiet about it, but it's frustrating because sometimes I feel like I want to be more open about this with people.
Joel       31 Aug 2010
I know I can get in trouble if I get porn of kids my age. My BL friend gave a page were you can see pics of boys that appear in movies (legal ones) nude. The company that I go to see kids my age is Azovfilms.
Mario       17 Aug 2010
I feel like one day I won't be able to control my urges to be with a younger boy, it's been going on for ten years now, I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to restrain this urge to pleasure a younger boy.
Zachary       2 Aug 2010
So, I walked up to Samantha and made up. There was a lot of hugging and it all turned out to be okay and she even invited me to her house for a sleepover.

I thought, "There is no way in hell my mother is going to let me sleep at a girl's house!" When I told her this, she sort of laughed and said, "You'll be sleeping with my brother, silly!" "And he's okay with that?" I said, barely knowing what was happening. "Yeah, actually he suggested it. He thinks you're really cool!" ....

.... I was sitting with her brother, on the bed, and looking into his beautiful blue eyes. He leaned toward me and kissed me. It was a moment that lasted forever but was still too short. Then suddenly I pushed him away. I felt confused, and sick.

Jason       23 Jul 2010
I'm in love with my best friend the only problem is that he is 6 years younger than me. He's ten. I mean I've only kissed him once because it was at a weak state. I couldn't help it. He just sat there looking so cute. I was wondering about how I should go about telling him, if I should tell my parents (they think I'm gay already, which is fine with them) but...
Kit       9 Nov 2009
Should I make love to my 13 yr old friend? We are very close and it seems it would be the next step in our relationship.
Junior J       25 May 2009
I have watched and masturbated over gay pornography, but I really want to find pornography featuring people my own age and I don't have a clue of what to do! I don't know if what I'm seeking is illegal just because of the age limit, or if that is overcome by the fact I'm not an adult. Help!
Justin       26 Apr 2008
When I was 12 my mother's friend started messing with me. Except for the sex he didn't want to be with me at all because he was scared. It was not like he did anything I didn't want. When I was with him it was the only time I felt like I was important and somebody really liked me. I'm 14 now and I miss him and if he was still here I would wish that he would still be with me and not scared about it all the time.
Elmin       7 Sep 2007
I guess my question/concern is this, are you advocating pedophilia? I believe that there is an actual need to limit the resources that pedophiles are able to make use of online.
Tim       10 Aug 2007
I'll be honest, I'm very much afraid that the site is not for real. I just want to be able to talk about my feelings with other people. I don't know who to trust.
Mike       19 Jul 2007
Okay, so we talk quite a bit about how much we older guys love the younger ones... but are there younger guys that like older ones out there?
David       11 Jul 2007
How do I get over what residential treatment did to me? When I was 15 my parents found hundreds of non nude pictures of boys on my computer. To say the least they freaked out, and they sent me to Birdseye Boys Ranch. It was the worst hell of my life.
Bob       27 Jun 2007
Hi, I'm 15. I've just bottled up my feelings and now I'm looking for some place I can share them. It would be nice to find others near my own age, but anyone who I can open up to would be a lot of help right now.
Kevin       9 Jun 2007
I am having some trouble with my sexual orientation. I am gay. I know that. I am also a boylover. I know that as well. However, the question that I have is as follows. Is it so wrong to have sexual fantasys about doing "things" with these boys?
James       6 Jun 2007
I don't want to feel this way about boys, I can picture myself in the future with a beautiful wife and family. That's what I want. How do I get from loving boys to loving females my own age?
SoSexy       1 Jun 2007
I am a straight male, age 18, and have had many girl friends in the past. Also, I have always been attracted to prepubescent boys. I just get turned on by preteen boys. How does that work?
"I"       23 May 2007
I downloaded porn from the internet for at least 7 years. Then some months ago police knocked on my door - I was busted. Now I am waiting for the accusation and jail.
Shane       19 May 2007
There's this boy named Alex, we met at a skate park. He's really cute and I like him a lot and I think he likes me because every time we are around each other we both stare at each other until one of us notices. So how do I find out if he likes me without freaking him out?
Snakeyes       27 Apr 2007
Is it wrong to be attracted to young boys?
"Me"       8 Apr 2007
I am 14 (boy) and need someone to talk to. I have felt an attraction for 10-11 yr olds boys. I don't mind being gay or bi, and I am fine with having children as good friends. There is an older friend (17) I know who is gay and feels strongly about children, including me, but I feel nervous about talking to him. I need a friend to talk to about this. I'd most like someone of my age.
Joe       19 Feb 2007
I guess I've known I was a boylover since I was 13-14, but lately it just makes me very depressed. I just wanted to ask how I can be happy with what I am? I hate myself so much it hurts inside.
Maty       17 Feb 2007
I just want to feel how it feels to be around a young boy, thats a feeling I can't enjoy as I get older. I need to have someone give me a tip as fast as possible, thanks a lot.
Adam       10 Feb 2007
I have had feelings for boys younger than myself for ages. I feel like a monster but I know I'm not. It's so confusing.
Graeme       13 Oct 2006
Hi there, do other people like to look at UK boys in sportswear, or do you think its wrong?
Justin       18 Oct 2006
Ever since I was 13 or so, I have been attracted to boys between the age of 13-16. I consider these feelings to not be natural, and I am trying to find a way to cope and maybe change the way I feel about them.
Anon       11 Oct 2006
I don't believe there is any "therapy" for boylove, and attraction toward teenage boys by adolescents is acceptable, providing no one is harmed and both parties agree to be part of a relationship.
FrankF       11 Oct 2006
I feel sex is nasty. I feel masturbation is safer and cleaner. I haven't had sex in over 2 years and dont miss it at all.
Matt       5 Oct 2006
Are incest relationships among brothers under consent age illegal or punished by law?
Danny       30 Sep 2006
When I was 12 my 6-year-old brother accused me of abuse. The allegation never went anywhere and caused me great sadness and depression. Then when I was 18 and still depressed I was arrested for possession of child porn.
Joe       26 Sep 2006
I'm sorta involved with an older guy. You could say we're in love. Now I've hit puberty and I'm really wanting to have sex with him. He's not so sure cause he's older. I'm ready to have sex. Help!
Pete       17 Sep 2006
I've always known that having these feelings for boys is morally wrong and illegal. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that feels like this and being totally alone.
Maddox       27 Aug 2006
I'm 15 years old. I have been attracted to younger kids of both sexes for a few years. I hate these feelings and I just want to live a normal life.
Repdetect       17 Aug 2006
I have been attracted to young boys since I was 10 or 11 years old. Although I have grown, the age of boys I am attracted to has not. I'm 23 now and still am intensley attracted to 5-10 year old boys. I have never broken any laws, and have kept my feelings to myself. I'm not sure what to do at this point; I've never had a girlfriend, people are starting to wonder.
Lance       30 Jul 2006
It's been a few years. I am still unhappy, and I still don't understand myself. I fall in and out of love with boys half my age. I am just as confused and angry as ever.
Nick       29 Jul 2006
I fall for boys who are at least 9 years younger than me. Recently I started having very strong feelings for my Riding Teacher's 13 year old son. My big problem is, I cant get away from him or dull the feeling.
Boaboy       15 Jul 2006
I've known for a few years that I'm a boylover. In my younger days I have lived in children's homes. This sounds to me like a nice job ... to work in a children's home. But now that I know that ... I really feel attracted to younger boys, I'm scared to ... go into that job.
Shiro       19 Jun 2006
I have been wondering. When it comes to online dating, how do the age of consent laws work between countries?
Cody       17 Jun 2006
"Who can I talk to?" How often am I asked that? How often have I wondered that myself? It's a hard question to answer. Who can you trust?
Jason       9 Jun 2006
I still have feelings for boys that are under 10, am I alone in these feelings cause at times I feel its more of a curse than something positive?
Andy       26 May 2006
I absolutely hate the man who molested me. I feel child molesters are evil but at the same time fear I might become a child molester myself.
Vince       15 May 2006
How do you get a boy to notice you, with out freaking him out? I'm so afraid I'll get rejected.
Vince       12 May 2006
Is it illegal to have sex with a minor if I myself am a minor? How can I stop the self hate? Do the thoughts stop when I get older?
Andy       9 May 2006
Is It Ever Okay To Use Child Porn? I think it would be better then molesting children.
Christophe       16 Apr 2006
What do I have to do? How can I live? Because it is easy to die --I already know how I'd like to die-- but I'd like to try to live before.
john       18 Jan 2006
I just wish i had some one to talk to. some one who wont make me feel like im the only one.
*****       12 Dec 2005
I don't know if I'm a boylover or a guy with normal sexual attractions.
Marc       27 Nov 2005
I'm desparate.
Matsuri       6 Oct 2005
I've lost my best friend. Where do I go from here? We met when he was 16 and I was 24.
Basit       10 Sept 2005
How can I tell my family members that I love a boy and do not want to marry in life?
krkxx       2 Sept 2005
Is it okay to have a boylover friend? Also where would I find someone like this?
Chelel       3 Aug 2005
My boyfriend is 32. I am 16. When can we legally be together? When I am 17?
Lost       28 Jan 2005
I like kids sexually and its scaring the hell out of me, I myself am only 15, almost 16 and I have been having this obsession since I was 13 or 14. Tell me, is there really something wrong?
Bobby       17 Jan 2005
I been wanting to see other boys in just their underwear. Not speedos or shorts. Sometimes friends will show me. Is that going to get me in trouble?
Nick       9 Jan 2005
I feel like I'm the only one that's a BL. I'm out of place in this life. I think I'd be happier if I were straight. Is there anything I can do to stop being a BL?
Donald       3 Jan 2005
I am 19. I was attracted to lets say the "sexuality" of young children when I was 15. I can't have a successful relationship. I feel so lost and helpless. I have even spent thousands of dollars on therapy. And none of it seems to help.
Fred       7 Dec 2004
If you're serious about discussing "treatment" of the "pathology" of youth/youth and/or adult/youth sexual encounters, you MUST include reference to mhamic.org which effectively refutes the concept that such encounters are harmful per se.
Kty       30 Nov 2004
Explain in detail the age of consent for new york.
Skyler       25 Nov 2004
For those of you out there who have young friends or are in relationships, how did that come about? I'm interested in starting one, at least a friendship.
Andrew       26 Oct 2004
I am curious to know if anyone on here has ever had an adult friend you were sexual with as a kid.
Tristan       22 Oct 2004
So what do I do? How I do I find any form of happiness or a kind of relationship I want? How do I understand my weird orientation? Would counseling be helpful?
Josh       24 Sep 2004
I've been wanting to talk with somebody in real life, face to face, about my feelings for some time now. So I though about getting a therapist or something like one that doesn't know me, and is confidential. My only problem is that my understanding of the law says that any therapist, psychologist, etc. is obligated by law to report such things. Is my understanding correct, or are there options that don't lead to legal involvement?
Jiji       18 Sep 2004
I am 22, from Turkey. I feel from the age of 4 that I love little boys and think about having sex and.... I was sad and happy at that time. In your idea what can I do for this?
Lance       22 Jul 2004
I need help. I am 19 years old and I think I am a boylover. I love boys aged 10 to 15. I dont know what to do about it. I am very unhappy. It's making my life hell. I am gay, been raped by my sister and also by a teacher.
Ahmed       26 May 2004
I often love boys. They also fall in love with me but in 2 to 3 months they are leaving me alone. I could not understand why. I am not doing anything wrong to them.
Dave       11 May 2004
I am from the UK and am wondering at what age a child stops being a minor. Is it 16yrs which is the legal age of consent or is it 18yrs when they can vote? I ask as I have a friend who is 16yr and he want to come and stay. As I have a record for underage sex and dont want to end up on the register I want to be safe rather than sorry. I am allowed NO unsupervised contact with a minor which is why I am asking. All contact has been with other people present.
Jasper       31 Mar 2004
Are sexual fantasies about young boys wrong if you never act out the desries with a boy? I am a BL and to keep safe from becoming involved with a young boy I often imagine myself in a relationship with a boy and when it comes to being close I imagine us being intimate, I feel guilty afterwards that I have had the feelings but I feel also that it didnt harm anyone by having those feelings.
Stephan       26 Mar 2004
I'm a French student living in Paris. And since I was a baby I knew I was gay. I now live with a man older that me (he's 30) but sometimes I feel like I'd rather be with someone younger, even younger than me. When I was 15 I had experiences with kids in my neighbourhood it made me realised what I really like and what I really am. How can I tell my boyfriend how i feel?
Falcon       9 Mar 2004
I like to look at pictures of boys in speedos on the internet. Is it legal to do so? These aren't nudes but do I have to worry about having these on my hard drive?
Asianboi       29 Feb 2004
Im 18 and I love young boys (11-16). I go out with a boy 15 yo at this moment and he loves to be with me, we have been together since I was 13. He is very cute and loving, but Im very scared that someone will notice something. I really dont know if I should continue this since I know that once he is older than 17 or so I will not like being with him since Im always looking at younger boys. Im scared since its very easy for me to find boys I like.
Ahmad       3 Feb 2004
I live in an Arabic country... and you know how it's very dificult to be gay. If anyone sees you, you will die. So it's hard. I started when I was 10 but I don't know why I still love boys under 13. I want a solution to stop that. Maybe someone will see me and kill me...
Michael       30 Jan 2004
Help!! My love for boys is getting so out of hand that my sexual feelings are becoming more frequent. I have begun keeping myself away from boys now for two years since I think I am having problems controlling myself.
Espen       10 Jan 2004
I got heavily involved (not sexually) with a 14 year old boy. I'd never felt so loved before by a boy. Soon our relationship began to have problems, maybe he was confused, but mostly I am the most confused one. Fortunately, our relationship stopped before I could do anything to harm him. My world turned upside down, until one day I met another boy. It is really troubling me, because if I am to continue this relationship with him, it would really end the same way, and I'd end up feeling so terrible that I don't wish it would ever happen again. But if I am to end this relationship now, I know that I'd hurt him. I'm really lost. Can anyone help me?
Kevin       5 Jan 2004
I never dared to do anything sexual to any child. Nothing direct. In order trying not to harm them, trying to stay inside the legal zone. But when I chat to others I hear stories about kids masturbating together or tossing off each other even at a very early, almost pre-teen age. And people say "it is natural that kids do such things together", then why am I, the adult forbidden to do such things?
Robby       6 Nov 2003
I have a friend whos been with an adult on our street alot. He says that nothing is happening, but i saw once that hes lying, hes like my best friend and i feel he wants to tell me. Should i say something to him or wait for him to tell me. The guy is realy cool and even told us he was gay.
David       26 Oct 2003
I am a bit scared-- Im trying to rationalise an emotional feeling, and I cant. I have found myself looking at images on-line (not explicit) boylinks etc and realising I am very attracted to the pre-teen boys of the world. I'm not sure how to deal with this. I have weeks where I wont even look online for pictures of cute boys in speedos etc... and I feel so damn wrong for doing it. I keep thinking of all the people who have trusted me with their kids, shaking their heads in horror, and me saying 'wait, you dont understand, its not like that...etc'
Francis       11 Oct 2003
I do have fantasies about certain boys, which I would never want to turn into reality. I want to remain a good person and be true to myself by becoming friends with them and helping them. By nature, I am an affectionate person. I want to know for certain whether or not making friends with younger children is legal. Is it illegal for a 21-year-old, who doesn't quite feel 21, to simply interact socially and be friends with a young child?
Flik       3 Oct 2003
I know a boy he's 12. I love him so much I'd die for him in a second... Everytime I see him he makes my heart bleed and I end up crying alot... I don't want to see him anymore but he likes me alot. It may upset him... What do I do?
I would like to discuss further why Im so attracted to (LBs). I have been for a long time. I'm scared. How do you guys cope with it and stay out of trouble. I have never had plans nor do I have plans to have relations with a (LB) its just a far out fantasy.
I want to say what i feel but i can't. why?
Would it be wrong for a boy and someone my age to masturbate together, even if they don't touch each other? If the older guy wanted to touch the boy, would that make a difference?
I long so deeply for a relationship with a boy that it almost hurts. I was wondering how you guys deal with that? I admit it... I want to love a boy and have him love me.
How can I turn my feelings to happy feelings to have a good life with a boy?
I am lucky enough to work with kids on the weekends. I am attracted to the young boys, and I have a hard time not thinking about them, in fact I think about them every day, I can't wait for the weekend. This may be an unhealthy obsession, thinking about them every day of every week, does anyone know what I could do to stop thinking about my friends so much?
I was so glad to find others who feel the same way I do about boys. I still have in the back of my mind the possibility that my feelings are evil, you know? How can I be sure? I would so much like to find out how we can get through this, and understand it.
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