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Submitted 15 May 2006

How do you get a boy to notice you, with out freaking him out? There's this boy, we stare at each other whenever were around each other, but I'm too afraid to make the first step... I'm so afraid I'll get rejected, then we wont stare anymore :(

Vince (15)

Our answers
Submitted 17 May 2006

Afraid of getting rejected? Join the human race :-) Seriously though, it's lots worse when you are in school and no one knows about your thoughts. And they are afraid of expressing their own inner thoughts for the same reason. There is more than just rejection at stake. Yet somehow, people seem to keep on meeting and getting together. Funny how that works.

First of all, be open. Like yourself, so that you are able to be a good friend to someone else. It will show when you are open to others. Not just the cute hotty you describe, but to everyone. The best relationships start out as friendships, not "gay connections". Your goal should be a bond so great that he may be willing to try something with you, or so great that you won't care when he isn't. It's not like picking a girlfriend of the week, the popular high school game.

First you have to talk to him. Is he checking you out, or staring at your nose? He doesn't come up to you, so most likely he is afraid of something too. As the older, you need to help him out and do something. All the usual advice... Think of a few things to say, to talk about, then walk up and do it. It will feel weird to you, but it won't seem out of place to him. The staring is introduction enough. And don't say anything he will need to reject you on. Not for quite a while. Listen carefully. Bring him out, but don't hog the conversation. As of now he is a friend, don't ever just stare anymore. Walk over and talk. Be at your best. And keep your fears and worries to yourself. He will be so impressed with your musical career. And don't be too quick to judge his reaction. Keep going over and talking till he tells you to stop. Hopefully, by that point, you won't have told him anything too damaging about yourself.

This technique is guaranteed to work 40% of the time.

Cody (17)

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