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Submitted 9 Nov 2009

Should I make love to my 13 yr old friend? We are very close and it seems it would be the next step in our relationship.

Kit (23)

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Submitted 10 Nov 2009

Are you kidding? I suppose this question could be real. Just to set the record straight here, I am going to answer it. Tell you how I feel and what the slant of the new AgeTaboo website will be.

I have had some 13-year-old special friends. But I can't call them "relationships", not with someone that age. A special friendship. It has to be all about them. On a level they can understand. Which generally means similar to one they would create with another boy their age. You and I are not old enough to be father-figures. And it has to be all about what they want and need. Why would you even consider doing something for you own physical satisfaction (if that's your thing, it's not mine)? That's not love.

Now don't misunderstand me. I long for a world where a special friendship could involve innocent sex play like two 13 yo boys have with each other. It has been in the other places in the past, and I feel that as we develop as a species, it will be again. But currently, there is too much fear and paranoia about parenting, too much repression and the resultant violence, for any teen to express himself sexually anywhere anyhow.

"You would hurt the boy". Well, that may be true, but I would hope that the hurt would not come from you, that you would be a caring, nuturing friend who would help guide him through the world we find ourselves in. But the hurt would come. From society. Once he realizes that there is a deep dark terrible secret involved. The question about whether it's his fault. Whether he is gay. The government and medical and family organizations would convince him it was a traumatic situation, and that he must set it straight by telling someone. And he will tell someone. No matter what he feels for you now. Twenty years later, they can still reach out and get you.

It's a fool's bet, and no matter what you "feel", it is not the next step in a relationship. So I agree with society in that you don't go there. Don't touch that. And you would be hurting the boy. No question in my mind. Although I disagree completely with society about the reasons, or who is ultimately at fault.

Cody (20)


Submitted 16 Nov 2009

When I was 11 yo, I had sex with my friend who was about your age, I wanted it, I deeply wanted to be his.

I can't speak for others I just tell you what happened to me.

I knew I was gay or bisexual I thought it would be just a stage, because a book I read said the attraction I felt towards males was only that: a stage that was to disappear, but in the mean time I wanted to be his, to be like a woman in a way, to be totally posessed by him

I loved what he did to me. I had overwhelming orgasms.

Nowadays I am married and have sons of my own, I sometimes would like to be 11 yo again and be the little boy of a man.

But thats a fantasy that comes to me sometimes.

Best of luck to all.

Real Life (39)


Submitted 16 Nov 2009

I disagree with what was said by age taboo guy. I am highly attracted to my teacher who is probably about 28. He is very kind and helpful to all of us, but he would be ideal for me. You say a 13'er doesn't know what he wants, maybe you say I also don't know. But who knows better what we want than us. It's your damn laws that screw up a relationship. When you have loving, intimate feelings going back & forth from both IT IS a relationship or about to be one. No judge knows what I want better than I do and I want my teacher (after school of course). No hanky panky or disgrace to anyone. I feel the urge for him to hold me and kiss me. I know I would love it and give back.

Randy (17)


Submitted 11 Apr 2010

I date to a 13 yo boy who wears a necklace that says I love boys. He is beautiful and goes to all the gay events and is a huge participant in the gay community. He tells EVERYone he's gay and he's happy. He is comfortable, and doesn't care about society. He loves me and we hold hands and stare at each other and tell each other we are so happy together. His cousins are happy for us and say we make a great couple... we are all very happy. No dark feelings, no counseling, no being afraid... we are just happy, fun, warm, caring, and stress free. We do this by two things. 1st acknowledge the laws and talk about feelings and position in life, once understood we can address each other differently. 2nd is the feeling of love and trust, we had to work on it but none the less I have been loyal and so has he. we are very happy you should see.

Jason (21)


Submitted 19 Feb 2011

Guys, I am 48, socially straight. But in my youth so to speak I made love to everyone male female 12 to 22 every young boy I made love to is gay and every girl with children. I did what I felt but not without consequence so be careful who what when and where. P.S. Young boys still turn me on I just say "NO".

David (48)

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