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I like to look at pictures of boys in speedos on the internet. Is it legal to do so? These aren't nudes but do I have to worry about having these on my hard drive?

Falcon (24)

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Submitted 18 Mar 04

It depends on where you live, and what the photographs depict.

In some areas, photographs that entice pedophiles have been criminalized. So it depends on how they would categorize you.

In some other places, the UK I think, child pornography includes any image in which the child appears to invite or entice a sexual response. In this case, some of your speedo pics would be illegal, *if* the child was posed in particular ways.

Other places, the US and Canada for instance, have no way of criminalizing non-pornographic material (I think). So, your speedo pics would be legal, no matter how the child was depicted.

What you should do is track down the law in your country. You should be able to find your legal code online somewhere.

Jason (26)


Submitted 12 Apr 04

There are cases in the United States of convicted sex offenders who were charged with pornography posession over things as innocent as underwear catalogues from a local department store and a private journal depicting fictional child abuse that was never shared with anyone.

The laws in many Western Cultures have been increasingly laying blanket criminal laws where virtually everyone could be found guilty if the WANT you to be guilty. Child pornography is one example, where if the district attorney wants to convict you they probably could.

Another example is a law in my city that, when read and interpreted literally (as laws are supposed to be) has outlawed all toy guns, regardless of their purpose. In fact, squirt guns fall under this new law. It makes it a criminal offense (a "weapons" charge) punishable by up to a year in prison and $5000 fine for carrying a squirt gun anywhere within the city. To conceal such a 'gun' would be an additional offense. "Discharging" your squirt gun would be another offense and "flourishing" your squirt gun could get you another. Then you could get hit with "assault" for shooting someone with it and if that someone is under 18, you could be subject to criminal child abuse.

Don't laugh, someone I know was arrested for something similar not too long ago. So the ultimate advice is it's PROBABLY legal and even if it's not, you PROBABLY wont get caught for it. But there is always that possibility.

FireFox (20s)


Submitted 8 Mar 05

I think that it should be legal becuase if the boys submit to having their pictures taken in the first place with parental permission then they should be allowed to be seen after all this America.

Jake (18)


Submitted 24 Apr 05

I dont feel that viewing young boys in speedos is any form of pornography or lust of any sort. Stimes they can be viewed as models for shopping for the right look for your own kids.

Erick (25)


Submitted 25 Apr 05

I would say that in most cases your pics should be legal. That having been said it is a Witch hunt now days. I never keep anything on my PC and use a good quality cleaning program.

See the thing is people in general won't understand why you look at it. Everyone who speaks out strongly about it seems to have some hidden agenda. I would imagine that it touches something deep inside them and it spooks them.

So if you worry about it then get a good windows cleaning program and clean house. And keep it clean not only will you save yourself some trouble but disc space too

Herman (39)


Submitted 3 May 05

i like to look too if parents allow there young to be film /photoed like that then where is the harm in looking? - if they have bulges then the parent should step in before or after to pick what images of there child are seen

mike (30)


Submitted 5 Oct 2005

In USA you can not get in trouble. Even nude pictures are legal. They can not illegalize even nude pictures. If they did almost all parents/families would get locked up. People take "cute" or "funny" pictures of their kids in the nude or in speedos/swimwear. It would violate civil liberties and freedom of taking pictures of their kids. It only becomes illegal if in sexual activities or if sexual content (such as sharing pics of young boys in sexual pose with hard-on). You are safe! Nothing wrong with appreciating "body beautiful" and youthful nudity or youths in action-swimming, playing or any activities such as sports or even modelling.

donald (46)

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