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Submitted 29 Jul 2006

Hi, I am a 21 year old student. I am gay. But always have had feelings for guys much much younger than me.The problem is I fall for boys who are at least 9 years younger than me. Recently I started having very strong feelings for my Riding Teacher's 13 year old son. My big problem is, I cant get away from him or dull the feeling. Because he is around alot of the time. Coz home schooled. Plus he's started looking up to me, as more than just another student of his mom's. His mom and dad are not together, and feel he looks to me for help.

But I feel wrong about it... because of my true feelings. What should I do???

Nick (21)

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Submitted 30 Jul 2006

For what it's worth, just keep it platonic. Be his friend, you can't hurt him by doing that. It sounds like he's probably in need of a strong male figure in his life and he's found you. Love him for what it's worth, but never expect anything deeper than a good friendship.

Shiro (23)


While I know all about feeling dirty for making friends with boys I am attracted to -- like it's somehow exploitative -- I think that as long as you are not expecting or pressing for more, starting a friendship with the boy could be a great way to get closer to him. Especially 'cause he's lacking by way of a male rolemodel, this sort of relationship can be very good for everyone involved.

Hang around with him before and after your lessons and let him know you are there for advice but don't push it.

username removed (mid-teens)


Submitted 5 Aug 2006

Hi thanks for your replies. I just find it very hard because I am already emotionally tied to him. It makes me over-think things. I look for his affections towards me, and feel empty when mine are not returned. I know he's just 13 years old. And I should not expect anything more then what he's already giving me... but I can't help hope for more... and want it. It's driving me mad... because I know it's wrong. But I keep on hoping, and thinking it may happen. If I show him how much of a kid I am. Is that wrong, to show him my child side? Play with him, talk with him, and put that adult side of me behind closed doors?

I am so confused... this happening to me time after time... and I can't learn to stay away from boys... coz I know I will only fall for them. Only this time I can't walk away or run and hide... beuacse he's around me all the time.

He looks up to me, and his mom is not very strict with him. I feel that I have been left to lay the ground rules, even though it's not my job. His mom is nice... but busy. Jake spends most days, inside all day... reading. I don't think that's good for him, because he is very introvert. I feel wrong though, by saying he has to come out. And talk to people. But when he does come out to talk to people, people see him as a vermin. Ok yes, he can be a hand full and cheeky. But no one else seems to care. His mom thinks it's better for him to spend all day inside, then spend time with students.

Its a very complex thing. Or have I just made it complex?

I don't know... I really don't.

Nick (21)


Submitted 10 Nov 2007

I am BL to the heart. I see boys daily that I want but can't have; I live within short walking distance to 3 different schools. It drives me nuts too. Just the other day I was going to the library and saw 4 boys 3 younger, two were hot, and a third that dispite the freezing temp had a buttondown shirt fully open exposing his bod. I had the strong desire to warm him up. I wouldn't have said no to warming his friends either. I am jealous of you guys with access to hot teens and tweens, whether or not you ever get close to them. My situation recently got worse cuz I am a registered offender.

Shawn (28)

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