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I noticed my attraction to young boys when I was a young boy. At first I thought these feelings would fade and I would grow out of it. However over the past decade my feelings have lingered and become more intense in some ways. As with many stories I have read from other bl's, my feelings aren't completely physical. I enjoy the company young boys, the enthusiasim, and good nature they have.

However the physical attraction is there, and I have coped with those feeling over the years without acting on them (though some times have been very difficult). Though I am attracted to women as well, the longing is nowhere near as intense. Sometimes I feel that I can't even be around young boys, not because I would act upon my attractions, but because the longing for a relatonship that I can't have causes such heartbreak. (I even feel myself on the verge of schizophrenia sometimes.)

I know my feelings aren't evil. I have no malicious agenda. I don't want to hurt anyone. (I'm a lover not a hurter.) No matter what some might say.

Though I have found a lot of literature in the psychology of the matter, I haven't found anything to at least help with coping with this. I, like many others I've read about, have had to learn to cope on my own (and I'm still trying to learn). Any suggestions or help would be much apprieciated. I'm am also always willing to be an open ear, and help others in any way I can.

Thanks 4 listening

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