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Obstacles ought to help us to grow. Feelings and emotions come and go. To those who wish to live joyous lives free of unnecessary attachment and worry, have faith! I am an advocate for evolution of consciousness that promotes clarity of the issues we and many like us face in the world. If we have life in this world, we should surely use all of what we have been given to make a happier condition for those with whom we share our lives. I have found a thoroughgoing spirituality that includes expedients such as Light and energetic modalities hold great promise for those who yearn for a more true esthetic in life, and hope for a more enlightened humanity. Some may feel solidarity with my tone. Others of you may be inspired toward other approaches. I hope some of you out there will feel curious, and e-mail me. Perhaps we can trade ideas, or collaberate toward some benefecent end. Keep faith my friends!

Marc, 31

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