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When I was around 24 I had just moved to a new town and a few months in I started to get to know a young boy that lived next door to me. We became friends and spent alot of time together, along with his much older brother and my own brother and just a few weeks later I understood that I had fallen in love with him. I had never even had a crush on anyone before so I had no idea how to handle my feelings, other than writing it all down in a diary.

Then one night, some two years later, I accidentally told him about my feelings. He said he understood what IŽd said and needed some time to process the whole thing. And a week later he came to my apartment and confessed that he had been having sexual fantasies about me since we first met and that heŽd very much like to take our relationship to the next level.

I told him that we couldnŽt do that because he was still only 15, and even though that it would be legal for us to have sex, it wouldnŽt be fair to either one of us to have to hide it from our friends and family. So we waited out the years, neither of us getting into a romantic relationship with anyone else, and a year ago he turned 18, came out to his family, and we went on our first date.

Now, a year later, all of our friends accept us as a couple and we feel comfortable in showing affection for eachother in public, like hugging or kissing and holding hands, and weŽve never had any problems (other than the occasional drunk yelling out "faggots" if theyŽd see us holding hands on a late Friday night on the town) and IŽm so happy we waited until it was legal. Can you imagine the sexual frustration that built up for three years? And that first time we made love ... I canŽt describe it. I am completely happy.

Mike (30)

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