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At the moment, I am having sexual feelings for some of the younger boys at my school. I always hang out with them at school, and some of them talk with me 'in private'. The two that I mainly like, they know I like them. I do not know if I would actually be able to do anything, but just the thought of being with one, laying in each other's arms, stroking each other's bodies.. It just arouses me, and I have been slipping in my learning because of this.

I know I am bisexual, I have had quite an active childhood, playing with friends both male and female, although more male than female. My first experience was when I was 6-7, me and my friend would be playing with some toy guns and shooting each other with the rubber pellets. It was at his house, and I was asked to stay the night. I did, and we stayed up late playing 'truth or dare'. Somehow we ended up laying naked together in bed, rubbing each other's bodies with our erections.

Ever since the beginning of 2010, when a new round of students came to my high school, I just can't stop using sexual innuendos and hinting that I like the younger boys, and joking around with them at breaks.

The two that I like are both 2 years younger than me and both play the same game as me, an online multi-player game. They come on the server, and I 'treat' them to special perks I have. One of the boys recently asked me if I could come to his house some time and show him some more about the game, And of course I said yeah. I do not know when or if it will happen, but I am looking forward to spending some time out of school with him. I would not try to pressure him into anything, and if he suggests anything I would not.

Will (15)

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