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To increase the chance that your submission will be posted at Age Taboo, keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Submissions should contribute to the purposes of the site: to provide support, information, and advice; to promote a sense of community; to provide opportunities for creative expression; and to act as a forum for respectful discussion of issues. Requests for information, help, or advice, expressions of feelings, accounts of difficult personal experiences, and thoughtful views and advice are especially welcome.

  • Please review your submission to make sure it is readable and understandable before submitting it.

  • We strongly encourage you to submit an anonymous email address so we can respond to you safely and privately if we have questions or need to make editorial changes in your submission. Without such information, we may not be able to post your submission when a small correction or change would have made it very helpful to others. We will not release your email address to anyone else without your permission. See our privacy policy for more information.

  • Of course, submissions which contain any of the following will not be posted: spamming, flaming, or insults; information that could identify posters or their location; graphic descriptions of violence or sexual activity (or links to such material); requests for, offers of, or links to illegal material; advocacy of illegal activity; accusations of illegal activity on the part of others; or admissions of illegal activity which has not been processed in court.
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