January 24, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you so much for causing this site to exist. This is exactly the site I was looking for: a place that isn't just vulgar, and wants to promote dealing with these feelings in a healthy way rather than simply acting however you feel, but also isn't going to condemn you. Other resources I found on the internet seem creepy I guess, and like the people there have already accepted they're abnormal, and hidden in a dark corner where since you're already sick, you can do whatever you like. But this just feels like a resource site for normal gay men. It's really nice to find a place that doesn't feel like it's putting a stigma on you.

I'm 18, though I feel a lot older sometimes, and I'm attracted to my brother who's 13. We grew up in a really screwed up family and I've got a lot of psychological problems which I'm trying to deal with. It feels a lot like he's the only person I can trust to be close to sometimes so it was easy for me to fall in love with him. I might not be attracted to younger people if it wasn't for him, but because of him I was awakened to those kinds of qualities and how they can be attractive, I guess. So this is the way it is now. I'm tired of feeling creepy and like I'm a disgusting thing because of it, so it really helped to come across this site. It's a shame the discussion isn't more active though.

Anyway, thanks for making me feel like it's not a choice between some kind of chemical castration or suicide, or living in the shadows with no life and no hope.