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AgeTaboo is a place where young men can come and find real information about boylovers, pedophilia, sexual attractions, and other serious personal issues. We feature a lot of scientific and medical papers on these subjects. We also have links to similar libraries of scientific literature here.

But here is a collection of some of my favorite fun links. Some very unscientific.

BoyLinks (SSL)

The #1 list of BL and boy-related websites - caution
(you must choose to accept their security certificate in your browser)

BoyLover Links (SSL)

Another large website list, part of a BL forum - caution

Boys Puberty Forum of "GovTeen"

My favorite forum for teens only (not a government site)
Generally very friendly to all kinds of teen curiosities
Highly recommended... - caution

Boys Puberty Forum of "Virtual Teen"

From the GovTeen folks... sex ed questions only -- caution
With a slant toward personal sanity and mental stability


Great, fantastic, awesome cartoon site


Absolutely everything about masturbation, a serious site

Celebrity galleries

Boy actors and singers, safe and wholesome pictures
My own personal list of favorite galleries

Caution - Some lists of websites may contain sites that are not related to teen-boy issues, contain photo galleries that border on pornographic in some countries, or are unproductive, anti-boylover, unproven personal opinion, or otherwise places where you must use your own judgement. Some BL forums are known as pick-up spots where teen members are propositioned by adult members, and there is no way of telling what the actual ages of the members are. Be especially careful to limit what you tell about yourself to others online.
More teen scene happenings
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